Sunday, October 1, 2017

Tip of the Week! Dare to be different!

There are so many artist popping up on the radio and the internet daily, and all of them sound the same. Im talking same flows, same subjects, while rapping over the same type of beats. The radio plays the same type of music over and over again. It really has gotten out of hand.
I know that times have changed and music will evolve, but that doesnt mean that everybody has to copy the same style. Back in Hip Hops golden era, you had all kinds of Hip Hop. There was room for the streets, clonly, and concious artists. Now there is only room for trappers, bitches, hoes, drugs, and BULLSHIT.

If you are an artist, create your own style of music. Its ok to be influenced by someone, but that doesnt mean taking the persons whole style. Be different, write songs about your life and the things that you went through. Your music will earn much more respect and last longer. Dare to be different!
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