Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tip of the Week: Dont Release an Album when No One knows you!

Its easy to get excited and in a hurry to release an album because you have the means to, but it is not always a smart idea. I see so many artist dropping album after album and mixtapes that only result in a few sells and downloads. Now there is nothing wrong with releasing product, but when you have to pay money to release these products, you should be trying to make money back.

Now, I have learned that things do not work like you think when you actually do it. You might think because you have plenty of friends and followers on social networks that they will buy your albums, WRONG! You know why you won't get that many sells... you don't... Well Ill tell you. Most of the times the artist are doing the friend requesting online so that they can post their music on walls. Now if fans where looking for the artist, they might be on to something.

Now, let's get offline for a minute and talk about the streets. Do people know who you are when you walk out in the public? Do you get requests to come and perform? Do you have a song on the radio? Well if you can't answer yes to at least one of those, you might not be ready to drop a album or a mixtape. It takes time and money to record a full album, so why release it without a demand. It will be a waist of your time, and often leads to frustration. Sometimes the artist may give up on there dream and quite. The music has to be in demand, as well as the streets must be calling for more, more, more.

Record a good single and push the hell out of that! Now my next post will show you how to do that!

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