Saturday, February 8, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Kid Jaycee

Kid Jaycee is a 16 year old female rapper located in Atlanta, Georgia. Kid Jaycee is a young, talented, and dedicated artist who specializes in the hip-hop section of music. “Forever Young”, Jaycee’s second mixtape is scheduled to drop March 3rd for all audiences! Kid Jaycee has been lucky to perform for U.N.I.TY The Open Mic and looks forward to doing many more shows. She is constantly inspiring any and everyone with her music and looking forward to becoming a big star. The phrase, “It’s real!” can be found in many of her songs. Kid Jaycee’s motive is to express reality and reality only in her songs. You got a big crowd, she’s not afraid! Kid Jaycee is the next big thing.

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