Friday, September 20, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Game Face Family

                                        GFF PHOTO.jpg

Game Face Family is a collective of urban artists
from the North East of the UK. The group 
consists of Singer/Songwriter Jav Zavari, 
Artists/songwriters, J.Akin, Young Littlez, XTN 
and Producer/Artist Okan. The collective have 
spent the last 3 years in the studio constantly 
working and developing a new urban style of 
music that is inimitable and unheard of. Coming 
from the north east predominantly best known 
for its vibrant and energetic lifestyle the 
collective group embodies exactly that, bringing 
to light a modern day futuristic twist to urban 
music that embodies everything from R&B, to 
modern day Hip Hop, Rock and Experimental 
pop music. Being a collective of diverse 
individuals from multiple backgrounds enables 
the collective to bring together ideals from 
mixed cultures that merge together and 
reinforce the uniqueness of the music.

For bookings/further info contact:
+44 (0) 7590217656

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