Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interviews: Mc McNulty.


Muzik Hustlaz had a chance to chat with Mexican Artist MC Nulty. Check out what he has to say about his roots!

King Braswell: What's Going on bro, how ya been?

Nico: Sup yo, I´ve been doin´ cool, thank God, withe girl complicated but I´m Okay, me. Yeah!... I´m working very hard to get a team of managers, actually I have 5, promoting me and trying to get events in Guadalajara, Queretaro (2), Long Beach and Mexico City. As we work as a team, we don´t sign nothing until next year. I´m searching for sponsors in all Mexico & USA, products to promote...

King Braswell: So you are from Mexico right?

Nico: Yeah, born at Guadalajara, Jalisco (where the GOOD & original tekila´s at), and now I live in Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico. Just down United States :)

King Braswell: Whats the rap scene like over there?

Nico: Well, the big fight is the Street Rap/Gangsta vs Love Rap/Commercial.

King Braswell: How long have you been rapping, and how did you get started?

Nico: Well since I start to write rhymes, 11 years, I started at street hustling in Guadalajara w/cocaine, then pot, pills, etc (at age of 8-10years), cuz my mom punished to me badly, I slept on the streets of the hood 5650, start to see all that, move some, get in trouble, and at the age of 11 I recorded my 1st demo at home, mixing and mastering at EMUSA records & photos by a friend named Roberto Solorzano. I made my 1st demo in edition Instrumental, Clean & Explicit Lyrics (physical), only making copies of the Clean & Explicit versions.

King Braswell: Do you have a specific style?

Nico: Well I do Underground, that would be like the Original Rap, Gangsta, Party, Ego Rap, I made one Chopped & Screwed, Dirty South, Hip Hop, Informative, I don´t go to only one kind of style, I express my self in the style I am.

King Braswell: Who were some of the people that influenced you?

Nico: Absolutely Eminem with D12 and the instrumentals I heard

King Braswell: I noticed that you rap in your language on a lot of the songs, I don't know what you were saying, but I'm digging it. LOL

Nico: Well I try to tell the people, rappers, artist of all world to be honest, cool with everybody, that we don´t need bad language to do Rap or some things I know.

King Braswell: I can did that!

King Braswell: What do you think about the current state of hip hop?

Nico: Well, I think that the investment in general in the music industry is kindly important, same as important is to do good stuff, like Lady Gaga, Souljaboy and also Wayne, in this days, they have a lot of bad comments. If they have fame, why not do good music? The Hip Hop industry I guess as the dollar or world is in the last step. Look Brazil, look war in Syria, Egypt, Afrika... Here in Mexico is PRETTY CRAZY THE POLICE & LAWS FORCES... The War Rap, Street Rap, Real Rap is the good thing, no just say sh*t or make noises... I guess

King Braswell: So do you have any projects out?

Nico: Well I have in mind some project's that are: 1-Make my cd "Mc Nulty music" remixed with a famous Mexican band named CAMILA (drum's feat) making Rock-Rap, and some extra songs. 2- #MexiHood (cd of more than 15 feats all around Mexico finishing with a mass National Tour) and 3- Make a Love cd, named "Todo pasa por algo", prdduced like Everything happens for some reason. With about 6 songs and only 1 feat. 4-Make a National tour.

King Braswell: What are you working on now?
Music events, my next single featuring my 1st music video and sell it in itunes, amazon, etc, international... Then the 2nd single, and Cds and other stuff.

King Braswell: Is it going to be for sell, or a freebie like a lot of artist choose to do?

Nico: Most of the new material I´m working in, you will be able to buy it on itunes, amazon, etc... Just one or 2 materials will be free. To get specific things.

King Braswell: Make sure you let us know when it drops, we gonna through it up on the site.

Nico: Yeah fo´ sho´, if you stay in touch in all my social networks: fb.me/McNultyMexico youtube.com/McNultyrapper soundcloud.com/McNultymusic reverbnation.com/McNultymusic twitter.com/McNultymusic & myspace.com/Mcnultyrecords you will know all news and all I make & when I make it. Yeah! Ohh I almost forgot, check my Official web @ www.McNultymusic.webs.com

King Braswell: Who are some of the producers that you are working with?

Nico: From my City with Federico Foglia, Nebula, Oliztyle.com, Beats Banging, Niko E.S and some others I don´t remember... Oh, me!

King Braswell: Do you like one type of sound, or can you rip any type of track.

Nico: Well anything that is a beautiful art, I can get in to it. Is like a connection, or like when a girl is cute for me, I feel identify a lot with that girl, is the same for searching the good beat, the good instrumental, the great one, you know what I´m saying.

King Braswell: I can understand that. Many rappers are stuck on the same suff!

King Braswell: Ok, so who are your top 5 Mc's, dead or alive?

Nico: Aight, let´s start with Eminem, B.I.G, Ludacris, Lil John & 50Cent....

King Braswell: I can see everybody but Lil John, but its a kool list!

King Braswell: I want to definitely thank you for letting us take a little of your time.

Nico: Yeah thank you too brother! Midnight and part of my dreams, but I like to do this. Thanks men.

King Braswell: Alright bruh, I appreciate your time!

Nico: Yeah! When you want another interview, you got my contact ;) homms! Peace.

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