Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Interview: Swag Killem!


King Braswell: Mr. Sk, whats good my dude!

SK: Sh*t bro just work'n hard to get my team to the top.

King Braswell: Man, Im honored to interview you, I featured you on here when I first started this site but I fell off a bit. Now I got it back up and running and pushing it to the fullest. Tell the people where you from?

Sk: I'm from St. Louis Mo I grew up in Berkeley but I can't just say one side because the whole city made me who I am today.

King Braswell: Kool! When I first heard your stuff, I was like this dude is gonna blow, good content, and a unique voice. Do you get props on the way your vocals are?

SK: Yes all the time and when I say I'm from St.Louis people say I couldn't be that's not a Midwest sound at all then I reply I didn't know that was a rule we all should sound a like. Lol

King Braswell: You are definitely different from whats out here right now.

SK: Good look'n bruh I try to stay on my sh*t and craft the type of music that I like if they digg it cool if not that's cool to but it don't go out if I don't approve it so in my eyes it's a win.

King Braswell: I feel ya on that! When did you start rapping?

Sk: I can't really pinpoint the time I started but I can say I wanted to play ball I just knew I was gone be a ball player then this music sh*t took over lol. #NLM

Who are some of the artists that you grew up on?

Sk: if I start now ill be naming all day you can't just say some so I'm a just say a lot of oldies.

King Braswell: Do you listen to your own stuff, I know alot of artists who say they do not like there voices.

Sk: Yes I do I love my voice and I love how every song is different I mean the sound that I give off over each beat.

King Braswell: What are your goals, do you want to sign to a major, or do you wanna keep it independent.

Sk: Who knows right now I just want to make my music then later on we can talk numbers lol.

King Braswell: How many projects do you have out there right now?

Sk: I have like 9 tapes out and 2 more coming in a few mouths

King Braswell: Do you like to perform?

SK: Yes it's one of my favorite things about this profession to me that's how you get your fans to really feel you they need that face time no iPhone. Lol

King Braswell: What are you working on right now?

Sk: We are work'n on 2 tapes at the same time one will be out next mouth or early November called Make History The MixTape we work'n bruh, #kendrickLamar I'm coming.

King Braswell: Do you have a certain type of beats you like?

Sk: No not really what ever catch my ear I will go on.

King Braswell: I was really feeling that beat on your song "In the Sun". Thats the style of beats that I make.

Sk: That's wuz up bruh but the crazy part about it is that's Curren$y beat, I f*ck with that beat hard so I had to go off on that one.

King Braswell: I would have never known that if you didn't say anything, LOL!

King Braswell: I gotta ask you this, Who are your top 5, dead or alive?

Sk: Jayz ,Wayne , Me, tyler the creator, jcole.

King Braswell: I can did it, not a big fan of wayne though!

King Braswell: I want to thank you for blessing me with the interview. Let the readers know where they can find your work:

Sk: follow me @swagkillem on twitter & Instagram

King Braswell: Don't forget to send us all of your Press releases and any updated on your career. We supporting ya over here.

Sk: I got you bruh and good look'n. #NoLaneMusic

King Braswell: Thanks and Peace!
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