Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Interview: Producer Major Keys!


                         We recently had a chance to interview Queens Producer, Major Keys

King: Whats up dude, it feels good to interview a fellow producer?

MK: Thanks for having me! I'm always happy to share my music views and interests with others.

King: Where are you from?

MK: I was born in Queens, NY. Residing in Virginia at the present moment.

King: How long have you been producing? 

MK: I been producing music for a while now. But just started taking it seriously about 5 years ago.

King: Do you have a certain type of beat that you enjoy making?

King: Im a hip hop head myslef, I like the boom bap sound with the samples!

MK: Well I enjoy making all kinds of beats. I like producing club sounding beats, but my passion is working with samples as well!

King: Do you play any instruments?

MK: Yes I played the violin from sixth grade, all the way up to my junior year in college. I also 
took piano as a minor which I need to brush up on! Lol

King: Im trying to learn the piano, trying to teach myself!

MK: I feel once you learn how to play the piano, you can play ANY instrument. It really helps with the melodies in your production.

King Braswell: I agree, thats why Im trying to learn it! What do you use to make your beats?

MK: I have used the Korg Triton, which I feel most comfortable with. I also have used the MPC 2500, and FL Studio.

King Braswell: I went through your catalog, and I was impressed. You got some good prices on those tracks too.

MK: I know many artists struggle enough paying for promo. So I decided instead of giving out free beats, I would charge a very affordable price to make their journey to success a little easiar. When artists pay and invest in their career, it lets you know they are serious.

King Braswell: I can def dig dat!

King Braswell: Who are your fav producers of all time?

MK: Well since I became a Hip-Hop head in the early 90's to the present, I would have to say all that produced for the Wu-Tang Clan (RZA, Mathmatics, 4th Disciple), Havoc, Alchemist, Just Blaze, and Timbaland would be the producers that inspired me the most.

King: Great list Dude! If you could work with one famous Artist, who would it be?

Mk: Jay-Z

King: Jay-Z, cool. I wouldn't mind working with him, but I would have to bring him back to that to the reasonable doubt days.

King: Are you working on any projects right now?

MK: Yes I'm working with many indie artists such as @Crefdini, @PotentOfficial (U.K.), @JayWheelz_CEO, @ADayWithNat, @Trobblesum1 just to name a few.

King: Where can we find your beats, and any news about your upcoming projects?

MK: I am a frequent twitter user, @Major_Keys, and my personal website at HTTP://MAJORKEYSBEATS.COM, if all else fails, just google me! Lol

King: Well bruh, I think thats all we got for today. I appreciate you kicking it with us at muzikhustlaz!

MK: No thank you! I enjoyed speaking with you. It was my pleasure!

King: Make sure that you send us press releases with new stuff, even your new beats. Hell we will help you push them on this site!

MK: I sure will! Thanks again, and I wish you much success!

King: Peace bro!
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