Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Interview: L.E. AKA Criss Lee!

   Indepentent Hip Hop interview.

   Muzik Hustlaz recently had a chance to chat it up with Northern California's Finest... L Dot AKA Criss Lee 

 Kingbraswell: First of all let me say that you will go down in history on this site, You will be the first to be  interviewed LOL.

 Ldot: DOPE!!! HA!

 Kingbraswell: OK, So tell me where are you from?

 Ldot: I'm from northern California , born and raised in the bay area.

 Kingbraswell: OK, I kind of felt like thats where u were from by looking at the video. Yall had that cali  style!

 Kingbraswell: Notice I said Style, not swagg, I hate that dam word.

 Ldot: The TRUE definition of swag has something to do with interior decorating!! LMAO

 Kingbraswell: LOL, I def feel u. Thats why I dont use that word!

 Kingbraswell: So how long have you been rapping?

Ldot510:  about 12 years

 Kingbraswell: OK, so you been at it for a while. Can you describe your style?

 Ldot: I've never tried to put my style in a box. The only thing I can say to describe it is that, what you hear from me, is JUST ME! At the end of the day, if someone is trying to define themselves a certain way , they're trying too hard! Music is expression , so I express myself by what feels right and natural by MY one else's!

 Ldot: Good question btw...

 Kingbraswell: thanks

 Kingbraswell33: I can really dig that. I feel like if more people were being themselves, more of there songs would sound different. Who do you know that's the same way all of the time, you know what I mean?

 Ldot: True. Gotta be YOU instead of trying to be someone else and impress all them. That shit is lame!

 Kingbraswell: Right. So you are from Cali, I love the west coast. What is the music scene looking like out there right now. I know those guys out there have always killed the independent game.

 Ldot: The independant thing is really big here because of the devision we have. What I mean is , there is no unity, or if there is , a very small amount! So the only way to get heard out here is to do it yourself. Don't get me wrong, the bay has always been on a unified mind set , but everyone isn't willing to throw us hand-outs which makes a Cali artist work harder. It's almost a blessing in disquise.

Kingbraswell: Well, I can identify with that. I am from Macon, Georgia. We are right down the street from the ATL. We have a whole style of our own, but these dudes will not stick together for shit.

 Ldot:  I personally know and work with a handful of DOPE artists who have alot to offer to the hip hop scene , but have to build it brick by brick. No deals are given nowadays until you're a working machine already! Business MUST come 1st!

 Kingbraswell: True, and the way things are right now, you can record in your house, package your own shit, shoot your own vids, and promote your own shows. If us artists were to band together, big money can be made.

 Ldot:  REAL SHIT....but it'll never happen!! HAHAHA! That's why record labels work the way they do. If we all banded together, they'd be broke!

 Kingbraswell: Thats one of the visions I have for my website. I plan own building relationships with artists like you and your team, so we can figure out a way to get this dam money.

 Ldot: I'm ridin' wicha!!

 Kingbraswell: Kool Kool! So who did you listen to coming up?

 Ldot: Brotha Lynch Hung, Equipto & Andre NIckatina Digital Underground , Tupac ,  Snoop....DEATHROW as a whole. 3x Krazy , C-Bo , The Delinquents , MC Eiht , DJ Quik , Mac  Mall.....oh and I can't forget Nice N' Smooth! First hip hop track I ever memorized was  "Sometime I  rhyme Slow..."

 Ldot: Matter of fact , I'ma throw that on right now!! HA

 Kingbraswell: Daaaam! Did we grow up in the same house or what? 3x Krazy, Eight, Quick, Mac Mall are some of my Fav. I was kind of late on Brotha Lynch, but I like his shit. C-bo and Delinquents were kool to. Quick is so dam slept on that its a shame!

 Kingbraswell: And that Nice N Smooth track there was DA SHIT!

 Ldot: HAHA! That's dope!! I love meeting people with the same musical background as me! We sit in the studio sometimes just playing old shit and shit we grew-up on and just vibing!

  Kingbraswell: Right Right! Ok, so thats back then, What About now? Who are you feeling right now in the game. As for me, I not with none of the new shit thats out unless it is on some indie shit. Im stuck in the 90's fa sho!

 Ldot: You ain't stuck , it was by far the best time in hiphop! I feel you.

 Kingbraswell: LOL, dam right

 Kingbraswell: All that going to the club shit is kool sometimes, but I wanna here some shit that makes me sit back and think.

 Kingbraswell: OK, you mentioned ASAP Rocky, he has his moments like you said. Have not heard the Jacka in a while. Now Ghostface is probably in my top 5. I grew to love GFK about 7 years ago. Dude is sick with the lyrics and imagination.

 Ldot: WU TAng Clan somehow didn't make my list when u asked me , but they are definately in my top 5 too. Not so much U-god and Gza and Capadonna and Masta Killa , but Meth , GFK , and Raekwon 4 sure!

 Kingbraswell: Feel u on that. U-GOd and Masta are my least, but Gza and Cap got a few tricks with the words!

 Kingbraswell: Enough of the other artists, Lets get into your shit. Are you currently signed right now or do you have your own label or looking?

 Ldot: Not signed , not really shopping for a label....just staying on my own terms. I've been blessed to be able to know some really dope artists from around me that are generous enough to share their knowledge and experiences with me and include me in their circles where I can ride my own lane. I'm making music people love and the rest will come with time and effort.

Kingbraswell: TRU TRU! It is a blessing to have a good network around you. So how many projects do you have out right now?

Ldot:  I have about 8 that I've released. I'm currently about to release a new solo project titled " My World In Words , My Mind In Rhymes" and my group Endangered Artforms is finishing up our album titled "State Of The Art". My bro Keyd and I are working on a 2nd edition to our duo (Heavily Sedated) titled "Comatose" and I'm always knocking down tracks for my next mixtape....9 songs deep and no title yet though! HAHA!

Kingbraswell: Dam, you 8 albums in, and working on about 4 more. You def getting it in!

 Kingbraswell: Whats your favorite project out of them all?

 Ldot: That's a tough one! All of them stand out for different reasons because they document my growth,  both as an artist and as a person. I can listen to older shit and remenice about that time in my life and what motivated me to write thiose songs so it's not that cut and dry like one is my favorite. But if I had to choose, my newest titled "C'est La Vie" has gotten alot of good reviews.

 Ldot:  I should mention too , my new album that I told you bout' is what I'm really looking forward to! Produced by only one producer, De'La Musik! That's my lil brother from another mother

 Kingbraswell: Ok Kool, you basically are saying that all your shit is tight LOL! I got to check the new one out then! Where can we find these albums?


 Ldot: All my music is FREE to DL or just listen. you can also go to and catch up with me as well as my group!

 Kingbraswell: Ok, will def check those links out. Are you going to sell any of your music in the future?

 Ldot:  This new album will be for purchase only as well as the new E.A. album. They'll be available on itunes as well as my bandcamp page.

Kingbraswell: Ok, be sure to send me those links when they go on sale. Ill add them to my store!

Ldot:  Thank you my brotha. Will do!

Kingbraswell: Whats your twitter and facebook links so the people can stay in touch?

 Ldot:  My Facebook is strictly for my family but my twitter is @Ldot510. I followback EVERYONE that has a "real" account...I don't follow the eggs!! HAHA

 Kingbraswell: LOL, kool kool! Well bro, I think thats it. I totally appreciate the chance to interview you. Be sure to send me all updates about you and your group. I dont cant what it is, send it to me!

 Ldot:  I most definately will do that! It's been an honor and a pleasure my dood! Once again , thank you for the thought and the opportunity!

 Kingbraswell: No problem, Hit u up later!

 Ldot: Peace!

 Kingbraswell: peace

You can contact Ldot att

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