Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interview: Dolla rise

Hip Hop Interview with Dolla Rise

King Braswell: What's Going on Dolla, how ya been?

Dolla: Aint nothing man. I'm doing good. Praising God, getting at a dolla and loving my fam.

King Braswell: Real cool so tell us where you from!
Dolla: I'm from the West Side of Philadelphia. 52nd street to be exact.

King Braswell: How long have you been rapping, and how did you get started?
Dolla: I been rapping over half my life. I started when I was 11. So I'm not one of these wake up one day and I'm a rapper dudes. I was groomed to be a rapper. My homie's dad used to have us in rap school. He taught me about writing in bars,delivery and flow when I was just in middle school. I had to study Biggie because my mentor was from Brooklyn and he loved BIG. I have been recording and performing since back then as well. I'm seasoned.

King Braswell: Ok, you have put your work in  see.

King Braswell: Can you describe your style?
Dolla: My style is a blend of all Hip Hop since I can remember. I don't just focus on a few individuals to mimic, I mimic the game. Every rhyme I ever heard. Well rhymes that were hot. LOL

King Braswell: Who were some of the people that influenced you?
Dolla: Like I said Big was a major influence. I listened to his 1st album and wanted to rap. I was influenced before then tho. I was a baby but I was rocking out to Run DMC with my sister and her friends back then. I have always had cable, so I was hooked on the JukeBox as a youngin. I used ta tape videos and all that. NWA, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap. U name em. 

King Braswell: I use to do the same thing with JukeBox, LOL!

King Braswell: Who are some of the people that you are feeling today?
Dolla: I feel what is hot. I got an A&R's ear. The people like what they like. I don't really have a choice of who to like today because it is shoved in your face so much. I find myself singing along to catchy songs that I didn't like in the first place. I'm banging different stuff daily. I feel you gotta give people from different avenues of life a listen and hear their point of view. I listen to everybody basically. As long as that shit hot! LOL 

King Braswell: What do you think about the current state of hip hop?
Dolla: Hip Hop needs ta let me in the game so I can get Hip Hop where it needs to be. At the top! The game is a lil boring. No creativity. Everybody copying each other to make the powers that be $. This is supposed to be a form of art and expression. These guys need ta step it up. The videos lack effort and so does there bars. Rappers are lazy and don't challenge themselves anymore. SMH. I need a deal.

King Braswell: I admire your confidence bro! I feel like the game is missing much creativity, and these dudes are sounding real silly now a days, but thats how the game is right now.

King Braswell: So how many projects do you have out there, Ive been following you for a minute, and you have def been on the grind over the years!
Dolla: Thank you bro. I got 5 projects online and in stores and on stands right now.
SuperStar Swagger
The Philly Flyer
The Freestyles pt 1
Still Underground
Show You How to Make a Dolla Rise

King Braswell: What are you working on now?
Dolla: I am working on a few projects right now. The 1st 2 are collaborative efforts and a solo project to be named. Welkum to MurdaVille wit my homie Ace Spitz & The Fast Lane with Fast 5. Look online to see all the new stuff coming from both situations. All heat! I will be releasing a new mixed cd and an EP before this year ends. Non stop work.

King Braswell: Were can we find it at when it drops?
Dolla: You can find all my stuff first on my website: www.dolla-rise.com. My original music will all be on Itunes, Spotify,Amazon, Pandora and etc. My mixtapes will be online at all the sites that provide free downloads. You can Google or Bing anything I do. Get to it.

King Braswell: Make sure you let us know when it drops, we gonna promote it on the site.
Dolla: No doubt. We are in constant contact. U know that wouldn't be a problem. I'm trying drop all this music in the next few months. I don't wanna go into 2014 with work from this year. I wanna start fresh. Naa Mean?

King Braswell: I feel ya, who are some of the producers that you are working with?
Dolla: I'm working with my homie Beats Da Best. He feed me joints that keep me on my toes. No sleepers on my ship. We are working on The Fast Lane project and a project together with no other producers. When u see me perform or hear me for the first time, you gone feel me straight off the back. Just because my beats be banging! I got other producers that I have long time relationships with, but he is the one who is most interested in making things happen with me.

King Braswell: Ain nothing like having that one producer that you can bond with! Ok, so who are your top 5 Mc's, dead or alive? 

Jay Z
And Im gonna slide KRS-One and Eminem in there even tho you said 5. LOL

King Braswell: Ok now this is one of the better list I have seen. People sleep on KRS!

King Braswell: I want to definitely thank you for letting us take a little of your time.
Dolla: I appreciate it fam. You good peoples. That is something you gotta cherish in today's times.

Where can the people find you at?
Find me all over the internet. Real Rap! If if I get booked to perform, I'm gone be in your city soon. I'm outchea. Chyaa!


http://www.last.fm/music/Dolla Rise

King Braswell: Alright bruh, until next time!
Dolla: Ya'll keep up with me. I'm a genuine dude and I ether tracks. Oh yeah, I print custom clothes, auto/window decals and signs. My company called Phlashy Imaging. Go here: www.phlashyimaging.info. Find Phlashy Imaging on Twitter, FB, & IG too! I also have a clothing line. Ri$k Takerz. Which will be sold on my website until I have a site for the line. 100 homboi. 

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