Sunday, February 24, 2013


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I have been studying this music business for the last 8 years of my life. One thing that I have found out is...
its so easy to get money until its a shame. If you are an artist, u are already half way there. Just in case you have not noticed, Major Record Labels are not needed to make that cash. Yeah, if you want to become a household name and maybe go gold or platinum, you would want a major deal, but this does not always mean you will have good money in your pockets. The label is going to recoup that money that they gave you, which is understandable, but your tab with them will be expensive due to all of the marketing and promotions that YOU WILL BE BROKE IN NO TIME.

Do you realize that we live in a world where u can record a full album/mixtape in your bedroom with 4 hundred dollar's of equipment. All you need is a computer, a mic, and some monitors. Do you Realize that after you record that album/mixtape that you can release it to the world on the internet. Do you realize that you can film your own video with a hundred dollar camera and edit it on your own., or you can pay someone a couple of hundred of dollars to film it for you. Did you realize that you can go around your own city or state and perform and develop a name on your own? Did you realize that you can get on twitter and contact some of your favorite rappers for features? You could also promote your own shows using some well known artists and you open up for them.

What I am saying is that you can make it on your own. Its to much money out here for anybody in entertainment to be broke. I won't go into details in this post, but if you can release your own muzik, why haven't u. I have been making beats for sometime now, and its a litter harder for us producers to get paid due to there are so many of us out there. I might be selling a beat for 500 bucks, and there is some other dude selling something just as nice for 5 bucks. Now as an artist, if you have quality muzik, you can make it off of performing. I'll go into details about this later. Some of u so-called artists really piss me off because of your lack of work ethic. I have reached out to artists all over the globe, and most of them never do what they say. I can see why some of u have not made it, its because u are all talk.

Now if you have all of these resources to make it in this bizness, why haven't you made it. I know that we cant quite our nine to fives yet, but you should be able to record at least one song a week. U should be able to attend one open mic a month to build a buzz. When you develop that buzz, drop that album and sell a few thousand copies. Charge about 5 hundred bucks a show starting out, and try to perform 4 times a month. Thats 2 stacks a month. Thats not ballin out of control money, but I bet you could pay ya bills wit it. Thats just on the first album, when the second album drops, you are going to up the price. We'll talk later about this, Lets get this money! P.S. I am looking to collab with as many artists as possible.
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