Thursday, February 7, 2013

We Build Hits: Global Independent Record Company

We Build Hits

In the past years the music industry has been changed from what some of us called the essence or golden years, the music industry has open its doors to artist from all markets and sounds, and has grown in ways no one had ever imagined. As record labels sprout from small pockets of the world one stands out as the most complete. With an artist roster containing Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and Soul, We Build Hits is sure to do just what the company has planned, “Build Hits”.

The company (We Build Hits) inked a lucrative deal with industry powerhouse Sony/Red, though the financial amount of the deal has not been disclosed founder Billy Danze of the legendary hip-hop group M.O.P said, “I`m more than happy with the deal, I`m appreciative and eager to get things rolling”. We Build Hits is scheduled to start releasing records from their artist as early as November 2012.

The company’s plan is simple, find the best artist, hire the best team press go and never look back. The company’s Vice President Raymond “RayDon” Coleman offers his comments on the status of the company “We Build Hits is spreading and becoming the first global independent record company, in the next few months we`re releasing multiple albums from artist in the states and multiple countries”. The talent signed to the company ranges from hard edge street to mainstream artist in all corners of the world.
The vision is to give the fans what’s been missing for so long, the connection between artist and fans. We Build Hit’s movement will be heard and it will speak the universal language we all can hear………MUSIC!!!
Phone: 1(347)561-0385

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