Monday, February 4, 2013

AZ States that Doe or Die II might be his last Album!

Man please tell me that this is not true. One of my Top 5 is thinking about retiring. Legendary Rapper AZ stated that his next album Doe or Die II might be his last album. He stated that going from a major to independent is two different zones. " I was doing independent from like '05 and its a lot of work and then every few years the game changes itself. This album might definitely be my last album."

He also said that he might try a different approach to this album by dropping a mixtape before the album.

I hope AZ changes his mind about this, because he is the type of MC that we need in HIP HOP. I find myself disappointed with the state of hip hip now-a-days due to all of the Bull Shit that is pumped into our ears everyday, but I would not give up. The independent game can be frustrating, but when done right, you can make a great living. Don't give up A, the game needs you! What do you think?

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