Saturday, January 26, 2013

How does BullShit Muzik Sell?

So I was listening to the radio the other day, the urban music station in my town of Macon, Ga. I normally keep it tuned in to the old school rnb station due to all of the bullshit played on urban radio. I decided to give the local hip hop stations a chance since I love hip hop. Hey, Im a hip hop producer, how can I ignore what I love. As I listened to the station for a while, I realized that I love Hip Hop, but not the kind that's been thrown in our faces the last 10 years.

Im am not a hater, I love to see a black man come up off of his grind, but dam yall, most of this shit on the radio is just plain retarded, and it should not even make it to the radio. I won't call any names because I do not want my opinion to affect any ones career, but people we have a serious problem. The music that is played on urban radio stations is just fucked up, plain and simple. There is a particular rapper that has re-invented himself in the last couple of years that has taken over the stations. He is on everybody's songs, remixes, and album. They are making this dude into some type of rap GOD, and the thing about it is... He is TERRIBLE! This dude sounds like he should be riding in the very back of the short bus. I mean, dude uses punchlines that makes no sense, and spits a bunch of bullshit in every song. This dude will outsell any rapper that has a proven track record of classic material. How did this happen?

Every song that I heard by this rapper, and most of the others was about bitches, hoes, Clubs, Molly's, Liquor, Money, Dope, and Cars. No matter what the topic of the song was, this was the theme. Shit is so bad right now that rappers are not using their verses to talk about what the hook is saying. If you have a song called "Im Different", please tell me how the hell are you different. The bad part about it is that our kids do not care, and a lot of black women just want to bob their heads to the shit. This new song with Wayne and another dude is talking about how they only care about what their bitches think. Really Guys! To add injury to insult, there will be women on the dance floor dancing to this shit. Now, I got a question, how n the hell are these rappers doing it? How do they manage to sell these albums. No talent, No creativity, and Ok Beats should not equal great album sales. "Im different, yeah Im different, pull up to the scene with the ceiling missing." Dam dude, this makes u different right? Im done!
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