Saturday, January 5, 2013

Artist Spotlight: DollaRise


For most youth growing up in the murderous, drug- infested streets & back blocks of West Philadelphia, PA; being a rapper was a dream. It was easier selling $5 & $10 bags of marijuana & crack cocaine. With the streets always looking for another baby hustler, this young Philadelphian began penning rhymes at the tender age of 11. Those rhymes led to an early lyrical promise. Continuing and strengthening his craft, the young D.R. was inspired by the late Notorious B.I.G.'s album release of "Ready 2 Die". Once he heard Biggie's lyrics, his sights were set. The young D.R. wanted to be a rapper.
After crossing over from a notable graffiti artist to aspiring rapper, D.R. began developing his talents, writing about his life & experiences. Being a product of the streets, with extraordinary talent, D.R. is the representation of hard work & truly advocates his craft. You can contact him at 1-215-715-6118. Also purchase his album at our store here!

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